The legalization of cannabis has created an environment where cannabis consumers can safely create solvent-less extracts at home. There is no need to use harmful solvents when you can produce high quality hash & rosin. Join us on a one day deep dive into the wonderful world of solvent-less extracts.

Attendees will be treated to a lively workshop that will cover all the information required to produced high quality solvent-less extracts at home. Learning from trial and error can quickly become expensive.

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Resin 101

The workshop will cover a brief resin 101 that will introduce attendees to important topics like cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichome.


Attention To Detail

Learn the importance of paying attention to small details to produce the best rosin. Safety First !

Selection & Best Use

Learn how to determine the best use for your cannabis. Is it better as flower, water hash or a solvent-less extract.


Attendees will be introduced to all of the equipment required for solvent-less extracts. Learn about the different presses, containers, bag types and more.


Catered Lunch

Attendees will be treated to a catered lunch and a lively discussion.

Best Harvest

Learn how to properly harvest cannabis for a solvent-less extraction. We will also discuss how to properly cure cannabis for extraction.



Attendees will be instructed on the processes and important parameters involved in extracting solventless extracts.


Water Hash Demo

Learn how to make the best quality water hash by watching a live demonstration.


Rosin Demo

Attendees will get to see the master in action. Learn how to properly press rosin via a live demonstration.

Learn from an Experienced Instructor


Learning from trial and error can quickly become expensive. Avoid common mistakes and misconceptions by learning from an experienced master.

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Paul and Tim have put together a Rosin Workshop that has increased my understanding of Rosin Pressing and the chain of product required to press top quality concentrates for personal and public consumption. By combining education and practical demonstration this workshop includes lessons for everyone from the very cannabis efficient to the recently initiated to gain insights into everything specific to Rosin Pressing. I found that this 1-day course was useful to increase the potential of cannabis flower by making it into a solvent-less concentrate that I could use for both my business or in the home. An “A-Z” workshop for Rosin Pressing can be useful to broaden cannabis consumption understanding and lessen the impediments that might come attached with Rosin as a product and Rosin Pressing as processing technique. Cannabis Education is important and this course is a great jump start to gaining the confidence to “squish flower” with the best of them and do it safely.

Tyler Davies

Sundance Prairie Products

I found the rosin workshop to be very informative and well thought through. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge on solventless extraction technologies

Jameson Welbourne

VP Business Development & Marketing, Maple Leaf Green World Inc

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