Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification

Go above and beyond the government mandated program and learn skills you will need in a cannabis store.

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Learn the skills you need to succeed

Cultivated Solutions is proud to offer our Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification as a two day workshop.

Attendees will be treated to lively sessions that will discuss everything from the history of cannabis to customer services practices. This workshop is for employees of cannabis stores or those who wish to work in a cannabis store as a Qualified Cannabis Worker.


Cannabis Essentials

– History
– Spread
– Anatomy
– Endocannabinoid System
– Consumption Methods
– Products & Accessories
– Dangers of Use
– Responsible Use
– Myths & Misinformation

Customer Service & Retailer Responsibilities

Black Market Overview
Inspiring Customer Loyalty
    – Empathy & Rapport
    – Communication Skills
    – Helping a Customer
Risk Management
     – Shoplifting
     – Robbery
Retailer Responsibilities

Other Workshops

If you are interested in working in a cannabis store then try our two day Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification. We are also proud to offer an introductory workshop into the wonderful world of solvent-less concentrates.

Solvent-Less Concentrates

Learn how to make amazing solvent-less concentrates at home. There is no need for dangerous solvents when there are safer legal options.

Cannabis Essentials

This workshop is great for beginners who would like to learn more about cannabis. Come and learn about everything you need to start your exploration of cannabis.

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