Cannabis Essentials

A one day exploration of all things cannabis. Attendees will be treated to a lively discussion on the evolution/spread of cannabis, prohibition, legalization in Canada, anatomy, consumption methods, products, accessories, responsible use and the dangers of cannabis use.

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Our Approach

Start With The Fundamentals

If you are new to cannabis or the cannabis industry then this workshop is for you. We will introduce attendees to the fundamentals of cannabis and its use. Not only does this workshop cover the history and evolution of cannabis but also an introduction to cutting edge cannabis products.

Engaging Experience

We understand that everyone does not learn the same way or at the same speed. Cultivated Solutions takes extra care to ensure that we create a fun and engaging educational experience that satisfies every learner.

Peer Reviewed

All of our materials were created with an academic approach. We use peer reviewed journals and studies to create our courses.

Our Cannabis Essentials program has gone through an extensive industry peer review that includes input from scientists, retailers, growers and processors.

Topics of Discussion


  • History of Cannabis
  • Classification
  • Anatomy
  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Cannabis Consumption Methods
  • Cannabis Products
  • Cannabis Accessories
  • Myths & Misinformation
  • Dangers of Cannabis Use
  • Responsible Cannabis Use

Other Workshops

If you are interested in working in a cannabis store then try our two day Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification. We are also proud to offer an introductory workshop into the wonderful world of solvent-less concentrates.

Solvent-Less Concentrates

Learn how to make amazing solvent-less concentrates at home. There is no need for dangerous solvents when there are safer legal options.

Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification

Get certified in all the skills necessary to shine in a cannabis store. If you are interested in the RCC Certification workshop you do not need to sign up for Cannabis Essentials, Its included!!